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Modification Options

Supreme Shipping Containers provides professional on-site modifications to suit your every need.

freshly painted shipping containers


Want a cleaner look for your shipping container? Every container gets its surface rust grinded away, and then is prepped and painted with marine grade paint. This ensures a quality job that will last for years to come!


Don't want to fiddle around with the standard shipping container doors? No problem! 

Our professionally installed rollup doors come in a variety of sizes and have a locking mechanism built in. 

Choose from 7ft wide, 8ft wide, 10ft wide or custom order size.

shipping containers with roll up doors
shipping container with a window


Let there be light! Our standard windows come in 3'x3' and 3'x4'. They are exactly what you need to transform your shipping container. 


Make your shipping container more secure by adding a lockbox. These lock boxes are bigger than the ones on the market. They are made specifically to ensure a lock cannot be cut. Welded on in-house, it is a perfect addition to your shipping container.

lockbox on a shipping container
partition wall inside a shipping container


Partition walls are perfect for separating your shipping container into different compartments. This is perfect for setting up public storage or to create unique areas within a single container 

Available as a complete wall or a welded frame for you to add wood and drywall to. 


Shipping containers often sweat when exposed to different climates. This is where adding larger vents to the shipping container helps because no body likes a sweaty container! 

Other ventilation options are also available.

vent on the side of a shipping container
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